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Time for a Website Critique

My website critique is a way for businesses to get actionable steps they can use to improve their website’s performance.



Critiquing a website is as important as designing it.

You've spent a fortune on your website paying for staff to run it , designers to make improvements, Pay per click on Google, SEO & marketing departments etc.... so whats wrong? why is it not performing like I want it?
So you already know your website needs improvement, that's why your here right? but what, exactly? Whether you already have a web team in place or not, I can provide you with outside professional guidance you need to improve your website. I get straight to the point and give you what I think your website needs help your business go forward.

Critique Guidelines


Your navigation menu is a key component of good usability and a successful website.


Your site should always strive to make things easy for the users to use... Don't make me think!


Your website needs to focus on the mobile experience first and foremost.


How easy is it to find your site in Google and Bing? and what are you found for?


Do you have quality content? When it comes to your website's success, your content really is king.


“keep it simple” should be the goal of your site design. Users never go on a site to enjoy the design.

Critique form

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If I can help you in any way with website design or give you a web critique, please don't hesitate in contacting me. 07792229133

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